Artist Statement

Keywords: Philosophical Materialism /  Pictorial Theology / Materiality / Fiction / Rationality / Scholastic / Drawing / Operational Function / dialectic / the planetary super-computation / materialistic aesthetic / Plato / Symploké / Gustavo Bueno / Geometric Tradition.

Technical specifications of the Draws: Experimental drawings on paper. Installations.

Content considerations:

Drawing is worked as something clinical and operational function, in the sense of the aesthetic of the philosophical system by Gustavo Bueno. Aesthetics not as a nematology, but as an operational function, where it is necessary to separate thought but without separation from reality. Within the coordinates of Philosophical Maerialism, for the regressus and the progressus. Referring to a theory of causality of Gustavo Bueno Martínez, analyzing the causal concatenations of the facts, we arrive at a symploké in the sense of the philosopher Plato of whom Gustavo Bueno speaks in his “Materialistic Essays”. That is, a dalectic of the different ways that interweave thought and philosophical systems in the world of Western tradition from Greece to the present day through the Spanish and Hispanic School.

Here is defined the drawing asOperational Function”. I conceive art as antenna to receive reality.  Since my childhood I am working with experimental drawings and Raster to capture the essential nature of things. Essence is a metaphysical today referred to the scholastic, but here it is used in the sense of the “philosophical materialism” by Gustavo Bueno (Symploké), beyond the monistic substantialism of Spinoza, if not from a categorial pluralism. However, it intended to harmonize vectors found in the functioning of institutions. Perhaps trying to think, not a modern art, or a egotistical artist, but thinking about the common good. I do exercises with ‘tele-guided’ micro-objects that explore the silence and the dimensions of Materiality from the three and four degrees of materiality described within the coordinates of Philosophical Materialism and from the viewpoint of aesthetics of the Materialism. The drawing is a journey through the very dimensional crosslinked operations. A “proto-raster”, refers to a geometry and the “pictorial theology” in since of the traditional Scholasticim. Referred to a geometry of ideas, the advancement of knowledge in geometry after Pythagoras and in the classical tradition of philosophy and aesthetics, as the philosophers talked so far. So ontology or gnoseology also talked about art. Philosophical Materialism also involves an aesthetic within its system, a materialistic aesthetic.

Consceptions of the current world and how aesthetic materials are worked, we are faced with various problems in which it is necessary to think from a philosophical aesthetic. The Philosophical Materialism in Art as well as the literary aspect as Materiallity, the “ fiction” allow for me many different solutions to problems of the reallity. On the one hand, the hegemony of Philosophical idealism by The Scientific Fundalism in the current “Cosmology” is a way of the gnostic teachings of an idealistic way of the Philosophy, posed as “the implantation of philosophical consciousness.

On the other hand, the question of “the anthropic principle”, is the idea that the “Human” that is the center of the universe, shows how an anthropomorphism underlies in Anthropology. We are facing a kind of apocalyptic psychological reductionism that tries to explain the entire universe and the “mind” posed as the implantation of a philosophical conscience, thus confronted with an Gnosticism previously said of “the implantation of philosophical consciousness”.  That is to say, it is the dialectic in which the monistic thought of our day moves, and which frames the thought of art in our days.

As a response to this idea from the aesthetic sense, Art as operative Function, with my currently Drawings in relation to the human error in “the planetary super computation”, to confront the ideal ofmanmachine” in the “posthumanism” and the technocracy. That image and text and the writings of art into drawings, can be a dispositive and a Materialistic understanding of “the inner nature of things” (Ontology and Aesthetichs) as other ways of materiality from the rationality of the geometric tradition and the art of the Western tradition.

-Juan Fernando Toro Lopez – 2018.



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