Carnival – Drawing intallation. (colored construction paper, on wood). 200 x 200 cms. US$399.99

carnival - juan toro 2016

The installation as a whole looks like a abstact or contructivist painting or a modernist abstract sculpture. Really are made with the colors of the folders that still today sell in German stationers shops. It is colored cardboard a special tone that forwards between the bureaucratic and the academic field. But the wood is taken from a box where the shoes are made. I pay it in Nottingham city. This is a very typical object in Britain where the shoes are to put.

That is about how the linguistic inflation of the revisionists have left side the functionalist semantics and placed on the throne generative semantics, the alleged artificial intelligence and machine-men with consciousness. But that shift in our time and materialistic philosophical semantics, syntax for an idealistic philological came from Nietzsche, which is now marketed under the name of “spekulative tinking”. This is a rhetorical gabled communion between German idealist philosophical terrain and the new American philosophy rooted in sotialistic ideology. The rise of the “mind” as center of the universe brings us to Descartes and become the system that became behaviorism 30s and today is repeated ad nauseum. The theme of “mind” linked to the issue of entropy and chaos as a principle. This began with the destruction of tradition. But in fact we now know that what is emerging is a decolonization from within. While the revised and make a revolution of the Indefinite european left, the “cultural stadies” receives large sums of money by the state. All this reveals the hidden implications of this initiative.
This Year is the Celebartion of the 100 years after the October Revolution, and after being rechecked the above concepts like “could war” delete what history called his meaning. For that reason, it is that work appears as a modernist constructivist work. Because if it were, it is for to show the structure an apparent chaos, but one order stands above the chaos.


Geomorphologies – Drawing. (Sentences printed on crumpled paper). 100 x 70 cms. 2016 US$299.99


Geomorphologies. (Sentences printed on crumpled paper). 100 x 70 cms. 2016


The layers of the Grancha three have pleated to slide over the flanks of the central crystalline massifs of the Alps. While these were lifted, the mantle of the gap of Ch├óble slid, while the massifs of Montblanc and its surroundings lifted.”