Points. (Drawing)

Technique: Drawing. Graphit on paper. Dimensions 33cmx29cm, 2015

A drawing can be an internal affirmation of the presence of one in time to influence the thinking. A point can be the
intense inner strength that prints the circle to form it. This action of circular motion with the pencil formed or rolled up, what counts is to give a psychological intensity to the beat, as if it pulsates and moves on as an electrical bit. In almost all of these sequences it might assume that you can not find any links, but fact is that their points contaminate each other. Such as prepositions in language or organic cycles that we create every time, and thus we create free relations in space, time even interceptions, ellipses, Beats, mirror images, etc.
These are permutations of reality, and what that shows us is this appearance on it – the light and the darkness – this “dialectic of imperfection”. But at other times it is our mind that makes it appear like an epiphany.

 puntos juan toro

Ziechnung 4. 2015. Juan toro (punktchen)


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