the Galactic Synchronizers / Live act. Synt-wave music. Experimental Sound + Drawing (Colaboration Juan Toro and Mirjam Kroker)

 Live act. Synt-wave music. Experimental Sound + Drawing (Colaboration Juan Toro and Mirjam Kroker)
Live act. Synt-wave and serial-music. Experimental Sound + Drawing (Colaboration Juan Toro and Mirjam Kroker)

Keywords: cold war/atomic music/post Atomic samba/Para-and science fiction

With our work we want to create speculative images an aesthetic technique of the art as fiction to deliver a fascination for the imagination for the possibility to configure various possible futures as a manifest of our understanding of contemporary aesthetic practice as artist working together.

Re-mix: A psychedelic musical-visual presentation of The galactic Synchronizes. A Dada-Rave and a certain kind of reincarnation of the meta-physician Iguanodon. The musical proposal is a concept of re–masterisation. The sampler and MIDI archive, Electro + more mixes well with Post-punk, Noys, Rave, Synthek-wave and contemporary experimental sounds produced with retro/vintage instruments such as Roland, Keyboard Tweak 25, and other “dromedaries”. The reflection behind is about alter-Ego and the processes of de-subjectification within virtual society in a world of conspiracy theories. The so called harmless generation, the virtual space and obedient social body in the post-industrial democracy. “turn on, tune in, drop out “was told and we tell it all friends “live long and prosper” V.

FOREVER YOUNG: Are drawings of reproductions of LP´s we would like to work on, improve and configure the installation as part of the residence so that we can put them in circulation. The selection of LPs refers to a cold war western culture dominated view of the 50th to the 90th. ”Forever Young” relates to the famous song from Alphaville. Listening to the song without much agonizing it sounds like one of the many other songs about youth, love and life. Following the lyrics you realize that this song as many other popular rock and pop songs from the 50th till the 90th directly relate to the circumstances of the Cold War. Similar references we find in album titles like Rocket to Russian from the Ramones. Some other examples: like Metallica (Fight Fire with Fire), Pink Floyd (A great day of freedom), David Bowie (Heroes), Billy Joel (Leningrad), Police (Miss Gardenko), Depeche Mode (People are peple), Tears for Fears (Everybody wants to rule the world), Nena (99 luftballons), just to name some. The re-masterization of icon records from rock and pop legends is our pictorial obsession as the activity of painting, but can also be seen as a decelerated reflection on the complex circumstances of the coldwar period of the oficial history for Music as document of its time as we can suggest for that period to speak of Atomic Music.

1. It is a selection of what we consider as some of the coolest, iconographic pictures, taken from the visual culture with numerous references on the time period of the cold war and show a certain kind of speculative fiction.

2. We understand “appropriation” in this case as a practice of post-cinematic „criticism“, post-appropiation. The configuration of this hypermediale time/space can be understood as a mediatic event. (Guy Debord).

“Groovy Spock a go go” – Video Mix


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